Labor Day Word Search for a Fun Activity for Kids (Free Printable)

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This free printable Labor Day word search is a wonderful activity to help your kids celebrate this holiday.

This simple worksheet can be used in a variety of ways to boost your celebration as you have learning fun.

Get creative ideas for using this free printable word search with Labor Day themes and make the most of this special day with your kids.

A Simple Way to Enjoy a Labor Day Activity with Kids

If you need a print-and-go way to celebrate Labor Day with kids, this free word search is a fantastic choice. It's an easy and excellent way to take your holiday celebration to the next level.

Labor Day (an annual holiday on the first Monday of September in the United States) is often a lovely time of year. Where my boys and I live (western Pennsylvania), the weather is still summer-like. If you're in school (or homeschool), you typically get long holiday weekend.

I've had each of my boys ask me about Labor Day - what it is and why we celebrate it as a national holiday. When my youngest recently asked me about this holiday, I decided that I wanted a simple printable activity, like a word search, to kick off our conversation and learning fun.

That's why I've created and shared this free printable Labor Day word search to use with my boys and give to you!

Free printable Labor Day word search on red clipboard.

Find Out More About This Labor Day Word Search

This free printable Labor Day word search includes 3 pages. The first page in the set is the word search activity and the middle page is the answer key. The last page contains terms of use.

The list of words (20) with Labor Days themes that your kids will look for include:

  • Conditions
  • Profession
  • Employment
  • September
  • Celebrate
  • Organize
  • Movement
  • McGuire
  • Demands
  • Holiday
  • Parade
  • Monday
  • Picnic
  • Career
  • Rights
  • Labor
  • Wages
  • Union
  • Work
  • Job
Labor Day word search example on red background.

Cool Ideas for Boosting This Word Search for Kids

Word search activities aren't everyone's cup of team. And that's okay! But, you can do a few things to make this free Labor Day word search printable more engaging. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide different fun writing tools for your kids to use to complete this Labor Day worksheet. Erasable pens, highlighters, and color pencils are big hits in our home.
  • Enjoy some holiday-themed spelling fun! Use the 20 words as spelling words for the week.
  • While you're having a blast with that spelling fun, your kids can use a dictionary and get vocabulary practice by writing down the definitions, too.
  • Flip over the word search and use the back of the printable page to write sentences, doodle, and other DIY challenges (like crack the code, trivia, and more).
  • You can also use the back of the paper to add different words that are part of Labor Day vocabulary words.
  • Add some patriotic coloring pages to your list of activities. Oh, and Labor Day crafts are fantastic ways to celebrate the holiday, too!
Free printable Labor Day word search on red clipboard on navy blue background.

Resources to Learn About Labor Day with Your Kids

Extend your Labor Day learning fun with books and videos.

You may either use these resources before or after using your word search. Do your children like to have an activity to get them excited for more learning? Or do they prefer reading and watching a video before doing an activity? Not sure? No worries! Pick a way and go for it 😉

Here are a few books that are amazing for learning about Labor Day with kids:

Labor Day (National Holidays)Labor Day (National Holidays)A Labor Day Hooray: A Rhyming Labor Day Picture Book for Children which encourages kids to celebrate and enjoy Labor DayA Labor Day Hooray: A Rhyming Labor Day Picture Book for Children which encourages kids to celebrate and enjoy Labor DayWho Started the Labor Day Celebration? Holiday Book for Kids Children's Holiday BooksWho Started the Labor Day Celebration? Holiday Book for Kids Children's Holiday Books


And here is a great video about Labor Day from Homeschool Pop:

YouTube video

Get Your Free Labor Day Word Search

Hurray! Your kids will have a lot of learning fun with this Labor Day activity! It's a smart way to help your kids learn about the meaning of Labor Day. 

This free printable Labor Day word search puzzle includes 3 pages (activity, answer key, and terms of use page) in PDF format.

You can print as many of these worksheets as you need for your personal use, family, class, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who might like to use this type of Labor Day activity with kids, I merely ask that you please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Get your FREE Labor Day Word Search by tapping HERE or on the image below.

This free printable Labor Day word search is a fantastic activity to help you celebrate the holiday with your kids.

Wishing you a Happy Labor Day! What other types of Labor Day activities will you be enjoying with your kids? I love to hear about fun ways others are celebrating this important holiday 🇺🇸

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