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Leaf Anatomy Worksheet Set for Diorama Fun and More (Free)

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This leaf anatomy worksheet set is an easy way to boost science fun, creativity, and more.

This free printable pack can be used in a variety of ways. Make a mess-free diorama. Enjoy a leaf anatomy coloring activity for a cool diagram. These anatomy of a leaf activities are awesome for homeschool and classroom use.

I'm sharing my ideas for using these worksheets. Get all of my tips and your free set today!

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Diorama example of free printable leaf anatomy worksheet set.

Take Your Anatomy of a Leaf Activities to the Next Level

Do you need a simple, print-and-go way to take your leaf anatomy lesson to the next level? Maybe you'd like to enjoy a creative science project that's mess-free? Perhaps you'd like some engaging visual tools to reinforce lessons about leaf structure?

Well, this free printable set of leaf anatomy worksheets will help you do all of that and more!

Learning about and studying leaf anatomy helps us comprehend how these essential parts of plants work. And let's not forget, without leaves, there would be no life as we know it on our planet! These powerful objects produce the oxygen we breathe, after all.

When my middle schooler got to his structure of a leaf lesson for his homeschool science, I wanted a hands-on way to strengthen his understanding of the materials. I thought this 3D printable diorama featuring diagrams of the anatomy of a leaf would be perfect!

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Mock-up of leaf anatomy diorama.

Learn All About This Leaf Structure Printable Set

This free printable pack of leaf structure diagrams includes 6 pages (plus terms of use page).

Three pages are in color and are perfect if you need a quick print-and-go science activity for your kids. The other three pages are in black and white, making it easy for your students to color and customize them.

Both sets of the leaf anatomy printables include:

  • Leaf Anatomy label
  • Pictures of each leaf anatomy section plus labels for each, including:
    • Cuticle
    • Spongy mesophyll cells
    • Epidermis
    • Palisade mesophyll cells
    • Xylem
    • Phloem
    • Lower epidermis
    • Stoma
Six printable pages of leaf anatomy worksheet set.

How to Make This Printable Leaf Anatomy Diorama

Your leaf anatomy diorama will be more durable (and a lot easier to work with) if you print the pages on white cardstock. I suggest printing out a few extra copies of this activity in case one of your students wants to make another one - or makes a mistake and needs a new piece of the activity.

I also recommend having these materials on hand to make the diorama:

  • scissors
  • glue or gluestick
  • tape (or double-sided tape)
  • coloring tools (if you choose to use the black-and-white version) like:
    • crayons
    • color pencils
    • fine-tip markers

To make our homeschool science activity time be a success, I've found it to be extremely helpful to make an example diorama ahead of time. I get a feel for the project and how to best assemble it. Plus, I'm able to explain the process better.

We did the following steps to make this diorama:

  1. Print out diorama kit pages on white cardstock.
  2. Pick out which style to use (color or black-and-white).
  3. Color in background and pieces (if necessary).
  4. Cut out background and pieces.
  5. Assemble the background by folding in a forward direction at all dotted lines.
  6. Apply glue on front part of each tab.
  7. Fold in all sections and adhere tabs.
  8. Use tape to reinforce tabs (if necessary).
  9. Glue and attach diorama pieces.
  10. Add glue to the tab of the label and attach to the top of diorama box.
Woman holding example of free printable leaf anatomy diorama with markers, crayons in the background.

Creative Ideas for Using These Science Worksheets

Other ways you could use these leaf structure printables include:

  • Turning into a poster
  • Putting it on a paper plate for an interesting science diagram
  • Color, cut out, and use labels for a leaf anatomy diagram (amazing addition to your homeschool portfolio!)

You can also enjoy these leaf anatomy printables for interactive activities. Chat with your kids about the anatomy of leaves. Encourage older students to point out the parts and explain their function to help get a better understanding of the leaf’s anatomy. After completing these activities, students can draw or write out what they learned.

Oh, and these videos are amazing for additional leaf anatomy activities!

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

Get Your Free Leaf Anatomy Worksheet Set

WooHoo! I'm so happy that you're interested in make leaf anatomy fun for your students!

This free printable pack of leaf anatomy diorama and diagram activities includes the 6 pages (+ terms of use page).

In case you're wondering, you can print as many of these science activities as you need to use with your students at home and in the classroom. Please share this post if you know anyone who also likes to make science fun for their kids!

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Get your FREE printable leaf anatomy worksheet set!

Example of leaf anatomy diorama with free printable pages.

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