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Boost Reading Fun with These 3 Free Lorax Bookmarks

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These free Lorax bookmarks will easily help you boost reading fun for kids.

With powerful quotes from this popular Dr. Seuss book, your kids will love having these special bookmarks to celebrate Earth Day and more.

Discover creative ideas for using these Lorax bookmarks and find out how to get your free printable set today!

These 3 free Lorax bookmarks are wonderful additions to your Earth Day celebration & reading of this popular Dr. Seuss book.

Bookmarks Are Simple Ways to Boost Reading

As a parent, there are wonderful things you can do to get your kids excited about reading. Snuggling with a good book, using silly voices, and being animated as you read aloud are all excellent ways to make books engaging and exciting for your kids.

You can also keep the reading fun going by providing your kids with cool activities and accessories that extend the excitement. These enrichment resources don't have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, often simple and free are the most appealing and easy on your pocket ;).

As a homeschool mom of five boys, I've discovered that printable activities are fantastic ways to connect with my kids over their favorite books. Over the years, I've created a variety of resources to use with my boys and to share here on the blog.

After another delightful Dr. Seuss Day celebration, I remembered that I wanted to make some special resources featuring The Lorax for our Earth Day fun.

My younger boys helped me design these three Lorax bookmarks and we're so excited to share with you 🙂

These Lorax-Inspired Bookmarks are perfect for:

  • Earth Day Fun
  • Classroom inspiration
  • Homeschool fun
  • Library events
Woman holding 3 free Lorax bookmarks to feature the learning fun your kids will enjoy

Tips & Tricks for Making These Lorax Bookmarks Extra Fun

Wondering how in the world to make bookmarks exciting? I know that not all kids get pumped up over bookmarks. But, you can easily try these ideas to make these Lorax bookmarks great for reading fun:

  • Print these bookmarks on white cardstock. You'll find that the bookmarks are more durable and easy-to-use.
  • Provide your kids with fun writing and coloring utensils to decorate and customize their bookmarks.
  • Use the back of these bookmarks to record minutes read or the number of books completed.
  • As you read The Lorax to your kids, invite your kids to raise their hand or bookmark when the quote is spoken.
  • Invite your kids to design their own Lorax bookmarks that feature the characters and quotes from this Dr. Seuss book.
  • Consider laminating these Lorax bookmarks to keep them looking nice and extend their usage.
  • Use stickers or decorative washi tape to jazz up these reading tools.


Your kids will love these 3 free Lorax bookmarks.

Get Your Free Lorax Bookmarks for Reading Fun

WooHoo! Ready to boost reading fun and inspire your kids to take better care of our planet with the help of The Lorax?

You'll receive three Lorax-themed bookmarks on one printable page. I suggest using a color printer and white cardstock for best results 🙂

Please feel free to print out as many copies of these Lorax-Inspired Bookmarks as you need for your class, library, homeschool co-op, and family. If you have a co-worker or friend who you think would like to use these bookmarks with their kids, please share the link to this post!

3 Lorax bookmarks with book to feature the amazing learning fun you can have with these special reading tools to go with this popular Dr. Seuss book

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Get your FREE Lorax-Inspired Bookmarks by tapping HERE or on the image below.

These 3 free Lorax bookmarks are excellent activities to celebrate Earth Day & to boost reading fun.
Woman holding The Lorax bookmarks to feature the reading fun you have have with these free Dr. Seuss printables
Woman holding printable Lorax bookmark with two others on wood background

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