Find out how to use and enjoy learning fun themes. Get ideas, tips, and resources to make the most of these special times.

chalkboard arrow sign with "Scavenger Hunt This Way" and kids holding clipboards outdoors to feature these 50+ scavenger hunt ideas for kids
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Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids: 50 Creative Ways to Enjoy Fantastic Fun

These scavenger hunt ideas for kids are spectacular ways to enjoy special times. Your children will have a blast as they explore their surroundings and look for these creative prompts. Use this list of 50+ scavenger hunt ideas for inspiration when you need quick and easy ways to keep your kids busy and help them…

Woman holding cover page of My First Recipe Book with red pencil and green eraser on wood background with other free printable recipe book for kids pages
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Free Printable Recipe Book for Kids for Creative Learning Fun

This free printable recipe book for kids is a super fun way to boost learning and more. Your kids will have a blast learning about kitchen safety, meal planning, recording favorite recipes, and more. Learn all about this 19 page set of recipe book fun for kid and how to get your pack today! Easily…

12 free printable Greek mythology coloring pages featuring gods and goddeses including Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and more with crayons on wood background
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Greek Mythology Coloring Pages Plus Facts: Gods and Goddesses (12 Free)

These Greek mythology coloring pages are simple yet fun ways to boost learning fun. Discover fun ways to extend your Greek Mythology studies using these gods and goddesses coloring pages. You can use these free printable coloring pages featuring Greek gods and goddesses also to accompany a read aloud or as part of a fun…

free printable sensory scavenger hunt for kids on wood background
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Free Sensory Scavenger Hunt for Kids for a Fun Outdoor Activity & More

This free sensory scavenger hunt printable is fantastic for getting the kids outside and exploring during the nice weather! You can use it as a standalone activity or add it to your list of things to do on a nature hike, trip to the beach, or other outing. The printable includes a list of sensory…

Easy mandala coloring pages with color pencils and woman holding mandala coloring bookmark with color pencils and yellow scissors with wood in background
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Free Easy Mandala Coloring Pages & Bookmarks for Relaxing Activities (& More)

Easy mandala coloring pages (and bookmarks) are excellent ways to enjoy relaxing activities. If you could use a simple yet creative way to unwind, you’ll love these free printable activities that are great for all ages. Check out these mandala coloring activities and get your free set today! Why Mandala Coloring Activities Rock My boys…

100th day of school coloring pages with rainbow of crayons and star mini-erasers on wood background
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100th Day of School Coloring Pages for Fun Activities (Free)

These 100th day of school coloring pages are super fun ways to celebrate this special occasional. Your kids will love these color by number activities with 100 days of school themes. Check out these free coloring pages for kids and get your free set today! Celebrating Your 100th Day of School Can Be Easy &…

Community helpers activities and emergency list for kids to feature how you can use this free community helpers printables set to teach your kids about what to do in an emergency and more
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Free Community Helpers Activities Pack to Teach Kids About Emergencies and More

This free community helpers activities pack can help you teach your kids about emergencies and more. These printables provide educational information, as well as providing fun activities for kids to complete. Knowing what to do in an emergency is essential! These community helpers worksheets make sure your kids are ready, if necessary. Find out more…

Free football printables pack cover and football coloring pages to feature the fantastic ways to make learning fun with this set.
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Free Football Printables Pack Full of Coloring Pages and Fun Activities

This free football printables pack is a fantastic way to make learning fun! Get your children excited about drawing, math, and coloring using these football activities. When you want to encourage your children to get creative and help them practice numbers, tracing, and creative writing, these football activities are a must-have in your collection of…

Circus themes activities like coloring, tracing, & scissor skills to feature how you can use this free pack of circus activities for learning fun for kids
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Free Circus Activities Pack of Fun Coloring Pages and More

These circus activities are excellent ways to make learning fun. You can use this free printable pack full of fun activities for coloring, cutting, and more. Engage your kids in a variety of learning fun activities with these circus themes. Circus Activities Are SO Much Fun for Kids! Who doesn’t love the circus? It’s the…

Examples of playdough emotions activities to feature the amazing learning fun your kids will have with these free printable activities for learning all about feelings
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15 Free Playdough Emotions Activities for Powerful Learning for Kids

These playdough emotions activities are powerful learning tools for your kids. With 15 different ways to learn about feelings, your kids will have a blast with these free printables. Find out more about these playdough activities for kids and get creative ideas for using with your kids to boost learning and learn essential life skills….

Free coloring mixing pack activities including color wheel and more to feature how you can make art time fun for kids with these free printable art activities
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Free Color Mixing Activities for Kids to Enjoy Art Fun

Color mixing activities for kids are excellent ways to make art fun. Help your kids explore and learn all about colors with these free art worksheets. These color mixing activities are perfect for art class, rainy day fun, and more! Check them out and get your free pack today 😊 Art Time Doesn’t Have to…

Child holding a seedling & child turning off water to feature the importance of teaching conservation for kids
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Conservation for Kids: How to Teach It & Why It Is Important

The sooner you can introduce conservation for kids, the better! Find out more about conservation and why it’s so important to help your kids get a better understanding of it. Plus, get fantastic ideas and tips for how to teach conservation methods, as well as the benefits of learning about conservation. Why Conservation for Kids…

Brush teeth punch cards on purple and yellow papers with red toothbrush, toothpaste, flosser, hole punch, purple sand timer, and stickers
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Fun & Free Printable Brush Teeth Cards for Kids

  Brush teeth cards are excellent interactive tools that you can use to help your kids develop healthy habits. If you’d like to encourage your kids to practice proper dental hygiene and make the experience fun, these printable cards may just be your solution. You can use these cards in a variety of creative ways…

Ice Cream Coloring Pages
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Free Ice Cream Coloring Pages for Easy Summer Fun

Enjoy easy summer fun activities with your kids using these free ice cream coloring pages. With ice cream-themed fun holidays plus hot weather, these free coloring pages can be used again and again. Find out more about these super cute coloring pages and how you can get started today with your FREE instant download (click…

This free Color Scavenger Hunt printable is a super fun activity your kids will love.
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Free Color Scavenger Hunt Printable for Easy Fun for Kids

  Check out these fantastic ways to have fun with this free Color Scavenger Hunt Printable! Kids of all ages can have a blast with these creative activities. Find out more and get your free printable page today to get started 🙂     Creative Color Scavenger Hunt Fun for Kids I love finding and…

Free printable crayons and pages with crayons & The Crayon Box that Talked book to feature how these free printable activities can help you extend the learning fun for kids
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Free Printable Activities for The Crayon Box That Talked

  Would you like some fun activities to use with the amazing book The Crayon Box That Talked? Check out these awesome printables and find out how to get your free pack today!     The Crayon Box that Talked is a fabulous book for teaching kids the importance of tolerance and cooperation. Written by Shane…

Let your kids have some Alphabet Color by Letter Fun with these 26 free printable pages.
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Free Printable Pack of Color by Letter Fun Worksheets

Color by Letter Fun Worksheets are fantastic ways to learn and practice letters. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to help your young kids learn the alphabet, you’ve got to check out and get these printable educational activities.  Find out how my younger boys are using these fun Color by Letter set…

Winnie the Pooh Activity Cube printable page and cube with orange scissors & glue stick on dark wood for an easy way to get kids moving & have fun
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Free Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Activity Cube to Get Up & Move

This free printable Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Activity Cube is an awesome way to get your kids up and moving. Have interactive fun as you help your kids burn energy as they follow the prompts on this printable cube. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily make this activity cube. Grab your printable…

Winnie the Pooh printable activities of tracing, mazes, word search, puzzles, & more for Winnie the Pooh-Inspired learning fun
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Free Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Printables for Learning Fun

Have some wonderful learning fun with these free Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Printables! A variety of activities are great for different ages. Find out more and how to get your free printable pack today. Learning Fun Activities with these Free Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Printables My three younger boys and I enjoyed our learning adventures with Winnie…