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100+ Best Homeschool Fun Activities for All Ages to Enjoy

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Homeschool fun activities are AMAZING ways to add energy and excitement to your homeschooling adventures.

This list with over 100 fun homeschool activities for all ages will help you easily jazz up your day and boost learning at home.

You'll find homeschool fun activities for kids of all ages, like:

  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • And more!

How Homeschool Fun Can Help Your Family Thrive

As a busy soccer mom who is homeschooling 5 boys, I know the importance of having a variety of homeschool fun activities prepared and planned to boost learning fun.

When I originally shared this post, our homeschool included a preschooler, two elementary level students, one middle schooler, and one high schooler. I found and organized these homeschool fun activities for all ages to make sure my boys stay excited about learning (and so I can maintain my sanity!).

Now that I have two homeschool high school graduates plus a ninth grader, seventh grader, and fourth grader, I know more than ever what a good idea it is to add fun things to your homeschool program.

You know your kids best. Some of these homeschool fun activities might be more appropriate for younger or older students. Use your best judgment, get creative, and enjoy creating special memories with your kids.

When we started homeschooling, I was a complete Type A control freak. I was under the assumption that we "had" to homeschool from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and maintain a tight schedule. Our homeschool life was planned down to the minute!

After a few horrendously draining days and my older boys whispering about returning to public school, I knew I had to make a change for our family. A change in my thinking and doing. Because all of us were ready to abandon the homeschool ship!

In a moment of desperation, I let my boys go outside to play so I could have a new homeschool mommy breather (a.k.a. lay my weary head down on the dining room table and indulge myself in a really good sob fest). Through tears and a few hiccups, I found myself mesmerized by the scene outside our back window.

Lots of fun. Learning fun. In our backyard. Just brothers, using stones and sticks and other outdoorsy things to let off some steam as they counted and skipped and sang.

And then, these brothers came into our home, fresh and ready to learn new skills and more.

They released some energy through all that play and felt refreshed with fun. Open to read-alouds, math, science-even a bit of writing (total shocker!).

In that precious and perfect moment, I felt like The Grinch when his heart "grew three sizes that day". Because I had been feeling like The Grinch. And that didn't feel so good 🙁

My eyes were opened to the beauty and benefits of adding fun to our homeschool day. And from that day on, I made homeschool fun a priority for our family 🙂

And you can, too!

Here are some of the ways that we've enjoyed homeschool fun activities.

Fun brings shared moments filled with laughter that lightens the load and lifts the spirit. And it helps you cultivate a relaxed and flexible homeschool routine where true growth and learning can occur.

​If you are at the start of a new school year, easy homeschool activities are brilliant ways to give your learning at home a boost. No matter where you are with your homeschool schedules (or routines), fun activities can help take learning and relationships to the next level.

If you've asked the question: How can I make homeschooling more fun?, you're in the right place!

May you enjoy these special activities with your kids in your homeschool and beyond!

Homeschool Fun Activities for Toddlers

11 Quiet Homeschool Activities that Your Little Ones Will Love  (Rock Your Homeschool):  Find out how I have kept my toddlers busy with quiet activities to play with and enjoy during our homeschool hours.

DIY Felt Board + 3 Easy Toddler Activities (Jules + Co):  Make your own felt board and set your child up for awesome learning fun with these easy activities to use at home.

Nature Study with Toddlers and Preschoolers (Our Journey Westward):  Cindy shares her tips for including your young learners in your homeschool nature studies.

Fun Toddler Block Ideas (Line Upon Learning):  Rebecca shares great ideas to boost your toddler's learning fun with blocks.

Touch and Feel Shapes (Teach Me Mommy):  Learn how to use pipe cleaners, glue, and cardboard to teach your child shapes. (Includes ideas for making your own letter, color, and number cards!)

Sticker Line-Up (Busy Toddler):  Awesome fun activity for homeschooling toddlers that only requires paper, marker, and stickers.

Pasta Play (Messy Little Monsters):  Variety of hands-on activities for your child to learn using dried pasta.

Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity (Munchkins and Moms):  My boys loved playing variations of this color sorting activity using pom poms during our homeschooling time.

Toddler Activities:  Scooping Pom Poms  (Buggy and Buddy):  Another fabulous fun homeschooling toddler activity using pom poms!

Sticker Sorting (Busy Toddler):  Another fantastic activity that uses stickers to help your child learn how to sort.

A Car Parking Numbers Game to Make Learning Numbers Fun! (B-Inspired Mama):  Great way to use toys that you have in your home to help your child learn numbers.

Repurposed for Fun: Bowling with Cups (Tales of a Teacher Mom):  Easy activity that teaches toddlers cause and effect.

Easy Toddler Name Art (Learn with Play at Home):  Super cool tape-resist art that teaches your child their name.

Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids (Toddler Approved):  Hands-on activity for teaching letters (or you could adapt for numbers and colors, too!) to toddlers.

10 Fun Movement Songs for Toddlers on YouTube (Humble in a Heartbeat):  Get creative and get your child moving with these fun songs!

10 Toddler Busy Bags For Traveling (True Agape):  I would add that these busy bags for toddlers are perfect for homeschooling time, too.

Toddler Shapes Activity Book-with Free Printable (Pastels and Macarons):  Help your toddler create a book to learn and practice shapes.

Outdoor Sticky Mural for Toddlers (I Can Teach My Child):  Make a sticky mural outdoors with nature objects or indoors with tissue paper.

Alphabet Beans Matching Game (Imagination Tree):  Fabulous hands-on activity for teaching your child the ABCs.

Pre-Writing Activities with Squishy Bags (Learning4Kids):  Mess-free way to provide your toddler with opportunities to practice pre-writing skills.

Homeschool Fun Activities for Preschoolers

How To Make Hands-On Alphabet Box Preschoolers Will Love! (Rock Your Homeschool):  My younger boys continue to use our alphabet box for homeschool learning fun.

Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Activity (A Dab of Glue Will Do):  Simple way to help your preschoolers learn ABCs with hands-on skills.

Learning to Write the Alphabet with Cotton Swab Painting (The Stay-At-Home Mom Survival Guide):  Help your homeschool preschooler build find motor skills and learn the alphabet with this fun painting activity.

Print & Drive Number Rhyme Mats (Preschool Mom):  Super fun way to teach your child how to form numbers (includes free printables!).

Free Preschool Worksheet for Morning Time (The Super Teacher):  Awesome addition to your homeschool morning time with preschoolers.

26 Alphabet Crafts (123Homeschool4Me):  Ideas for Letter of the Week lessons and more!

Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups (Mom Inspired Life):  Easy to make and use activity to keep your preschool child busy during homeschool time.

Nature Scavenger Hunt-Free Printable (Stay at Home Mum):  This free printable scavenger hunt is great for homeschool fun activities with preschoolers because it has both visual and text prompts.

Preschool Shape Scavenger Hunt (Frugal Fun 4 Boys):  Easy homeschool fun activity for preschoolers to practice shape recognition and sorting.

Smack the Number Activity for Preschoolers (Sunny Day Family):  Play this fun game (or a variation if you don't have these exact materials) to practice number recognition.

Free Printable Color by Letter Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Enjoy these free printables to help your preschooler differentiate between upper and lower case letters.

Easy Skittle Rainbow Science Experiment (Fun with Mama):  Kids of all ages can enjoy this homeschool science fun! Preschoolers can practice patterns, color recognition, and sorting.

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids (I Heart Crafty Things):  Another amazing homeschool fun activity for all ages! Make it super fun for preschoolers by encouraging them to use their toys or cut out pictures in magazines (practice scissor skills).

Feed the Bear Alphabet Activity (Mom Inspired Life):  Hands-on activity for letter recognition and letter sounds.

Dr. Seuss Fun + Free Printables for One Fish, Two Fish (Rock Your Homeschool):  Use this free printable pack to boost your learning fun with Dr. Seuss.

Craft + Printable Activities for Fox in Socks (Rock Your Homeschool):  Your preschooler can make their own fox bookmark and much more with this free printable pack for this favorite Dr. Seuss book.

Color Scavenger Hunt (Rock Your Homeschool): Help your kids explore the world around you as they look for these colors with this fun activity.

DIY Magnetic Craft Sticks (The STEM Laboratory):  Keep your preschooler busy with this quiet yet educational activity of building shapes and more.

Shaving Cream Writing-Learning Through Sensory Play (Gift of Curiosity):  Super fun hands-on way to practice letters, numbers, and shapes. (RYHS bonus tip:  you can also using pudding for tasty hands-on fun!)

Playdough Letter Mazes (Teach Me Mommy):  Playdough is a great medium for teaching your children a variety of lessons and skills. Use it with a marble for letter writing practice.

You can easily add fun to your homeschool day with these homeschool fun activities for elementary years.

Homeschool Fun Activities for Elementary

Free Daily Doodle Prompts to Boost Homeschool Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Encourage your kids to develop fine motor skills and create special art as they let their imaginations soar with daily doodle prompts.

Lego Beats Music Manipulatives (Let's Play Music):  Fantastic hands-on activity using Legos to help your children learn about musical notes and beats

Coding a Lego® Maze with free printable (Research Parent):  Awesome activity to introduce coding to your children with Legos®.

CD Spinning Top Craft and Science Project for Kids (Buggy and Buddy):  Your elementary age homeschoolers will have a blast upcycling an old CD into this art and STEM project.

Homeschool Brain Breaks (Rock Your Homeschool):  Use these free printable strips for sneaky learning fun during your homeschool breaks.

Robotic Hand Science Project (Instructables):  Fun and frugal project that will wow your elementary homeschoolers and help your kids learn about robotics.

Candy Math Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  These books can give you great ideas for using candy for lessons and tasty math manipulatives.

Spin a Word Family (Playdough to Plato):  This homeschool fun activity is simple to make and a great way to practice reading skills.

Whack It! Place Value Math Game (Creekside Learning):  Interactive homeschool fun activity for kids to learn place values.

6 Fun Math Games Using Cards (Top Notch Teaching):  More sneaky learning fun for math using playing cards!

Playdough Human Anatomy (Teach Beside Me):  Awesome hands-on science activity for teaching your kids about human anatomy.

Lego® Math for Elementary School (Geek Families):  Includes printable activities to get you started with homeschool math fun and building blocks.

STEM Chemistry for Elementary Kids (Everyday Graces):   Fantastic resources and hands-on activities for helping your elementary homeschoolers have science fun.

Dictionary Fun for Kids (Rock Your Homeschool):  Use these free printable activities to have some giggles using the dictionary as your kids read and write.

Elementary Introduction to Electricity and Circuits (Some Random Lady):   Great resources and ideas for elementary science fun with electricity.

Invitation to Create-Robot Lab (What We Can Do With Paper and Glue):  Open-ended craft that encourages your kids to use their creativity and imagination.

DIY Place Value Cups (Imagination Tree): Easy to make and do homeschool fun activity for learning place value.

Dr. Seuss Pals Printable Pack (Rock Your Homeschool):  Learning fun games for kids based on characters in Dr. Seuss books.

Geometry and Shapes Activities for Kids (Proud to be Primary):  Lots of fun ideas and resources for hands-on geometry.

Taste Safe Marshmallow Play Dough (STEAM Powered Family): So many different ways to have hands-on fun with this DIY marshmallow play dough!

Homeschool Fun Activities for Middle School

Playing Card Math for Middle School (Starts At Eight):  Give your middle schooler a break from book work with these math card games.

Geography Activities: World Atlas Scavenger Hunt (Education Possible): Encourage your older kids to learn about geography with this homeschool fun activity.

Two Poetry Activities Your Students Will Love (EB Academic Camps):  Hands-on poetry activity for your middle schoolers!

Teaching Money Management with a Lapbook (Look! We're Learning):  Fantastic interactive way to help your older kids have fun while learning about managing money.

Easy & Engaging Emoji Writing Activity (The Teachy Teacher):   Use your tweens and teens interests in tech to boost writing fun.

A Fun Game for Absolute Value (Classroom Freebies Too!):  Use playing cards to help your older kids learn the absolute value concept.

Middle School Math Fun (Exceeding the Core):  Free printable activities for middle school math mazes, riddles, and more!

Periodic Table Battleship (Teach Beside Me):  Interactive and fun way to learn get middle schoolers interested in the periodic table.

Fun and Simple Strategy for Practicing Vocabulary (Southern Fried Teachin'):  Includes free printable to use with dice to get started on middle school vocabulary fun.

Toothpick Trick – Science Experiment For Kids (Rookie Parenting):  Wow your older kids with this cool science experiment using toothpicks.

Some Good Music Apps for Middle School Students (Educators Technology):  Boost middle school music lessons with these fun apps.

Geography Activities: Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt (Education Possible):  Free printable activity for middle school geography fun.

Thumbprint Self-Portrait (Teach Kids Art):  A combination of all about me, writing, and art for middle schoolers!

Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Fun (Rock Your Homeschool):  Includes 5 days of writing fun activities and printables based on the Harry Potter Series.

Harry Potter-Inspired Bingo Game (Rock Your Homeschool):  Free printable pack of MAGIC, a Harry Potter-Inspired Bingo Game, for kids of all stages!

10 Picture Books to Read in the Middle School Classroom (The Secondary English Coffee Shop):  Picture books aren't just for little ones! Check out these fun ways to boost middle school learning with picture books.

Word Work Fun for Big Kids (Mrs. Beers):  Free printables and activities to use to jazz up spelling and vocabulary for middle schoolers.

M&Ms Feelings Activty (Living a Rad Life):  Even tweens and teens like candy, right? Help older kidss with self-expression using candy and prompts.

Simple Drawing Game (Craft Whack):  Play this interactive game with your middle schooler.

Middle School Math Games (Digital Lesson):  Free printable games for middle school math fun at home.

Homeschool Fun Activities for High School

Huge List of Hands-on Activities for High School (Susan Evans):  So many wonderful ways to add learning fun to homeschooling high school!

Nature Study Activities for Teens (BJ's Homeschool Encouragement):  Great tips and tricks for fun homeschool activities with your older kids.

Historical Movies For Middle School And High School Under R (Creative, Clever, & Classy):  Fantastic list from a former homeschool student that you can kick back and enjoy with your high schoolers.

10 Fun Elective Ideas for Teens (Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers):  List of ways that you can boost learning fun with homeschool high school.

Hands-On Biochemistry Using Beads and Pipe Cleaners (Science with Mrs. Lau):  Cool activity for your older kids to learn about monomers and polymers.

Socratic Soccer Ball (B's Book Love):  Awesome interactive with high schoolers. Includes 9 more great ideas for high school English.

Brain Teasers for Teens (Laura Randazzo):  Challenge your homeschool high schoolers with these fun brain teasers.

Espresso Yourself (Literature Daydreams):  Free printable all-about-me activity for your older kids.

3 Fun Activities for Any Novel Study (The Secondary English Coffee Shop):  Includes a few free printables for novel study fun for homeschool activities.

Top 15 Edible Lessons (Upper Elementary Snapshots):  These activities could be great reviews for high school students.

Get Outside with Backyard Bird Feeder and Notebooking Fun! (Practical, By Default):  Fun ways to enjoy boost nature study with DIY bird feeders and notebooking.

5 Favorite Card Games for Older Kids (The Hmmm...Schooling Mom):  These card games look like a great way to connect with your high school students.

Free Vocabulary Cube Activity (The Daring Teacher):  This free printable is on TeachersPayTeachers. Hands-on learning fun for vocabulary-great for SAT prep!

Making a Vision Board – A Personalized Wall Hanging Based on YOUR Goals and Dreams (My Teen Guide):  Visual way for high school students to think about goal setting with a vision board.

10 Good Music Apps for High School Students (Educators Technology):  Let your high school students have some music fun with these apps for homeschool activities.

The Soundtrack of Your Life (Lit Tunes):  Cool music and writing activity for high school students.

Trashketball-My Favorite Review Game (Mrs. E Teaches Math):  Fun game to help high school students review.

High School Geometry Vocabulary Bingo (TeachersPayTeachers):  Free printable game-great for practice and review.

Interesting Hands-On History Projects for Teens (Education Possible):  Tons of ideas for boosting history fun for Ancient times, Medieval times, Colonial DaysPioneer America, and Civil War.

Virtual Field Trips (Rock Your Homeschool):  Students of all ages can enjoy homeschool activities with virtual field trips. High school students enjoy the live streaming option. Also, great resources for career development and more!

More Thoughts on Enjoying Learning Fun At Home (And On-the-Go)

In addition to all of these amazing ways to make homeschooling fun, consider using what you already have in your house. Think board games, science experiments, toys, stickers, and arts and crafts supplies. How can you use these things to make your learning at home special and boost your curriculum?

And ask yourself questions to help you find the perfect opportunity for fun: How can I make the first day of homeschool fun? Is there a favorite picture book to enjoy in a new way? How can we celebrate homeschool fun days?

Homeschool electives are other super cool ways to make learning fun at home.

Another big thing to remember is that it doesn't always have to be educational activities 😉

Fun for fun's sake is just as important for parents and children to enjoy special time together at home.

Oh, and homeschool fun ideas don't always have to be at home! You can make a trip to the local library educational and exciting.

Consider ways that you can create learning opportunities when you're on-the-go. Listening to audiobooks when you're on a trip. Visit local landmarks. Think outside the box (or house) about different ways to enrich your learning experiences.

And, of course, the best way to enjoy homeschool fun activities with younger kids through high school years is to spend quality time together. 

What fun homeschool activities for kids would you add to this list? 

Make sure to grab our Homeschool Fun Bucket List for All Ages to customize your learning fun experiences.

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